Kitten's Punishment

Kitten had hung up the phone and was feeling frustrated and upset. She and David had been out of sorts. Relationships weren't easy under the very best of circumstances, and to say theirs was an unusual one would be somewhat of an understatement. He was working many long hours and hadn't been able to stop by the cottage to visit for a few days. Kitten had been in Ross on Wye for about two weeks and she was getting into a routine of writing during the day and spending time with David as often as possible.

It was a silly thing to get upset over and she knew she was being unreasonable, but she couldn't help herself. She had been taking a break from writing and chatting on the 321 site when she noticed Sir_D was on at the same time. She sometimes liked to hang out in the same play room he did to flirt and meet new people. Earlier that day she logged on and went to the room where he was and she noticed one woman in particular flirting with him quite explicitly. The green eyed monster reared its head and Kitten found herself making snarky comments both to the woman and to him on the public page. He was not happy with her and let her know that there would be consequences to her acting out so publicly.

He had sent her a text that he was finishing work early and headed over to the cottage. Thankfully it was a Friday and he would be staying the night with no work on Saturday.

He sent another text telling her that she needed to be ready for whatever he decided would be her punishment for her bratty and unkind behavior that embarrassed him.

She knew that getting ready meant she needed to be completely free of hair anywhere except on her head and have all the toys in the playroom out and available for him. She didn't know what else he would need and trusted that he would take care of anything he needed other than the basics (flog, whip, cane, crop, rope, nipple clamps, etc.) of what was in the chest in the room. She had an assortment of her personal toys in a basket next to the bed. Her personal toys included vibrators, anal beads and plugs. They were all clean and ready to use along with a shit ton of lube, in case they engaged in anal play.

He texted shortly before his arrival:

D: Kitten, I want you naked in the playroom on your knees by the bed. I will come to you when I am ready. Go in the room now.

K: Yes Sir, when are you arriving?

D: I'll be there soon, you are to go to the room right now and wait for me. Do you understand?

K: Yes, Sir. I understand, but how long will I be waiting?

D: As long as it takes for me to arrive.

She was frustrated that he wouldn't tell her exactly when he was arriving. How long was she supposed to wait there? On her knees, no less. She sighed. As long as it takes, she thought to herself. She knew he was cross with her and she had no one to blame but herself. She had no idea what he would do, but she could tell he was unhappy with her and she had displeased him. She hated to displease him. She went about doing what she needed to prepare and wait for him in the playroom.

She went into the room and placed a folded blanket on the floor at the side of the bed. She was already naked as she knelt and kept her eyes on the bed. She decided to take the time waiting to meditate.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on her breath. She found it difficult to calm herself as the anticipation of seeing him mingled with the slight fear she felt for what her punishment would be, kept her from truly relaxing.

After what seemed an eternity (more likely closer to 30 minutes) she heard the front door to the cottage open. She bit her lip as she heard him downstairs walking around either putting things into or removing things from the refrigerator. She heard the water running, perhaps so he could drink? She was concentrating on his every move, trying to predict when he would come upstairs. She calculated it was another 15 minutes until she heard his footsteps walking toward the playroom. She wanted to turn around but didn't want to give him any reason to punish her more than she was already about to receive.

"Good Evening, Kitten." he said.

Her body became activated and she immediately felt her skin tingle and her stomach do a flip.

"Good Evening, Sir." she responded.

He slowly walked over to her and she felt him place his hand on the top of her head and stroke her gently. She closed her eyes and leaned her head against his leg as he continued to stroke and pet her.

"Kitten, do you know why I am going to punish you?" he asked her softly.

"Yes, Sir. Because I was bratty to that woman who kept flirting with you on the site." she responded.

"That's right, Kitten. I've told you before those women don't mean anything to me. I'm going to punish you for not trusting me. This won't work without trust, Kitten. You know that." he said.

He saw her nod.

"Yes, Sir. I know. But I don't like that woman. She was being very inappropriate." She said. She knew she was making things worse by not being contrite and by not showing any remorse. She didn't care.

He sighed. "Oh Kitten. What am I going to do with you?" He said it so softly she wasn't sure he even said it.

"Stand up, Kitten." he said and as she did so, he turned her to face him.

"Bend over and place your hands on the bed." he instructed.

"Yes, Sir." she said, her voice shaking a bit.

"Do you remember your safe word?" he asked.

"Yes, of course I do, Sir." she said,

"Good." he said and walked over to the chest and she heard him rustle around the area. She had her legs spread as she leaned over. She realized that he hadn't kissed or hugged her. She was feeling bereft of his touch. She was mortified to feel herself tearing up. She shook her head to clear the distressing thoughts.

She heard him walk back to her and he rubbed his hand on her lower back and then on each ass cheek. He stroked her pussy, just for a couple of seconds. She almost cried out in frustration, she refrained knowing doing so would make the punishment worse.

'Kitten, I am going to give you twenty strikes, you are to count after each one, understand?"

"Twenty!" she shouted and immediately regretted it.

"Twenty-five, would you like to go for thirty?" he said sternly.

She swallowed hard before responding.

"No, Sir. I will count the twenty five strikes." she said.

He did not give any warning before striking her with the cane.

"One!" she said loudly and clearly.

"Two!" she said at the second strike.

She kept counting each strike and he moved from one side of her to the other. She imagined he was creating a criss cross pattern of strikes on her ass.

She started sobbing at 18 and almost used her safe word. She knew she was not being hurt and while she was feeling pain, it wasn't insurmountable.

"24, 25." she blurted when he got to the end. She was not going to risk another five or even ten strikes being added on to her already sore and hurting ass.

"You are a very good kitten." he said as he stroked her inflamed red ass.

She flinched at his touch, "I'll take care of you when we are done, alright Kitten." he said looking at her.

She turned to him and said in between hiccups, "Yes, Sir."

"Kitten, on your knees." he said.

She immediately lowered herself to the ground and waited for him to speak.

He gently wiped the tears from her eyes with his hands and held her cheek as she looked up at him.

"Kitten, you are going to take care of me. I've shown you what I like." he said.

She did know and an unexpected feeling of satisfaction flowed through her that he didn't need to explain himself further. She was indeed learning.

As she licked her lips, she unzipped his pants and reached through his pants and boxers to take hold of his cock and bring it to her mouth.

"Eyes on me, Kitten." she heard him say.

"Yes, Sir." she said as she locked eyes with him and moved her mouth to close over the head of the penis. She slowly pushed him into her mouth further and further until she felt herself swallowing him whole. She felt her eyes start to water and his hands on her head as he started to move his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth.

She held onto his legs as she kept her eyes on him and her body steady as he moved and pushed his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat. He moved back and forth as she held still. His cock started to throb and she knew he would cum soon and she was ready for him to explode down her throat.

"I'm going to cum, Kitten." he moaned as she held her head and his cock pulsed his cum down into her mouth and down her throat. He let go of her head and she moved back from his cock. She had his cum all over her mouth and chin. She wiped her chin with her fingers and licked them clean. He watched her with fire in his eyes.

"Good Kitten, you have pleased me." he said, breathing heavily.

"Come here, Kitten." She rose and he took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately and deeply.

He looked into her eyes and said, "I do not want you to behave that way again, Kitten. You have nothing to worry about. I care for you deeply."

"I'm sorry Sir," she said, "it won't happen again." She could feel herself start to cry again, but he kissed her again and she held it together.

Her pussy was soaked and throbbing with need. She hadn't cum in a few days and all they had done during their play heightened her arousal to the point that she felt like even if he breathed on her pussy she would cum instantly. Sensing what she was thinking (which he eerily did often) he asked, "Kitten, would you like to cum now?"

"Yes Please, Sir." she heard herself beg.

"Okay, Kitten. Lay down on the bed and I will take care of you." he said.

She laid down on her back, wincing as she felt her sore ass connect with the bed.

He grabbed one of the vibrators from the side table and handed it to her.

"Kitten, I've been wanting you to cum while I apply pressure to your neck, I know the thought scares you, but I promise to be gentle and it will heighten the pleasure of your orgasm." he explained.

"Are you willing to try?" he continued.

She took a deep breath and said, "Yes, Sir I will. I trust you completely."

He smiled, "You've pleased me, Kitten. You will enjoy it, I promise."

He handed her the vibrator and she turned it on. He laid down next to her and began to stroke her belly and her breasts. He kissed and sucked her nipples before giving her a long kiss.

She started using the vibrator on her pussy and he could see she was close to coming. He took one of his hands and gently applied pressure on her neck as she started to cum, her body started to tremble and she could feel the pressure of his hand at the same time her pussy throbbed and pulsed her release. Indeed the pressure on her neck increased the intensity of her orgasm. She came hard and quickly, when it was over, he kissed her deeply and lovingly.

He held her close as she started crying and releasing pent up frustration and stress. She felt relieved and cared for. When she was spent, she felt herself doze off for a minute. She felt him leave the bed and return with materials for her aftercare. Ice packs and arnica for her sore ass and some massage oil just to rub her body and calm her senses.

He took care of her and afterwards, they held each other as they slept a deep and comfortable sleep.


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